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PHP-Nuke services
PHP-Nuke installation complete installation on your server[hosting account](we will upload all php-nuke files and we will create required database tables).
PHP-Nuke upgrades we will upgrade your php-nuke to any version needed.
PHP-Nuke modifications complete adjustment of your php-nuke to suit better your needs.
PHP-Nuke search engines optimization
New PHP-Nuke modules/addons created per client specifications
PHP-Nuke modules/addons modification per client specifications
New PHP-Nuke blocks customized per client request
PHP-Nuke blocks adjustment per client request
New phpnuke themes/templates created per client specifications
PHP-Nuke themes/templates complete customization to fit to your needs
Multiheadlines Module v2.1 for PHP-Nuke

This is a module that allows you and your users to read RSS/RDF/ATOM news[or feeds] directly on your site. It also allows to generate the feeds from your site contents to be syndicated to others. Basically, RSS / RDF / ATOM news [you might call "News on short"] is given by a title, a link and a short description that came only through RSS chanel or ATOM entry from a RSS/RDF/ATOM URL [you may see it below].
The feeds are retained on your database for a faster loading of you website but this module have a prune system that can empty your DB[ feeds] at a given number of days or when feeds reaches a certain number(You might, as well, to never empty the database).
As administrator you have a lot of options for this addon like: General settings, Feeds URLs Management, Categories Management, Multiheadlines Blocks Management, Database Operations, News refreshing at once, Various infos and Statistics about feeds, My Feeds. Every section have numerous settings and options. Throught these option you can set how your feeds will look onto your site, you can get some informations for a better usage of this module and how the generated feeds are formated[type, content].

As a user you can read the feeds, search by specific keywords in these feeds or even submit an interesting feeds URL [RSS/RDF/ATOM]. The feeds are organized on categories so you can browse specific categories.

This module comes also with three blocks: one called Multiheadlines-central that can be used only as central block[you can see it here on this site at the bottom of the page], one that allows you to search in these feeds, one with feeds categories. You can can also create two more block types [scrollable and marquee type] in unlimited amount[on the right side].

The great thing about this module is the fact that you have always fresh news on your site without doing something [news gathering it's done automatically].
Reminder Module v2.0 for PHP-Nuke

With this addon, your users from your site can send automated e-mails at selected dates, messages named reminders. These reminders can be sent to a specified e-mail adress or to it's own adress used at registration and have a remind purpose [birthdates, deadlines, bills paying,...etc].
Also you can set repetitive reminders[daily, weekly, monthly and yearly-the latest mainly for birthdates] too, not only regular[unique] reminders.
As administrator you can limit the number of reminders of users to avoid spamming and you can edit a header and a footer of the message that will be sent.
As user you can add, edit or delete personal reminders.
It's a small utillity very helpfull for people with a very busy daily schedule. You will forget nothing from now on, with this module installed.
It comes with an installer so installation process is very easy.
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1 Feedburner Blogs
Thursday, 16 May 2019
2 Feedburner Blogs A Brewery in Peru Ran For Centuries, Then Burned After One Epic Ancient Party
Five hundred years before the Incan empire reached its height in South America, a different civilization reigned: the Wari.One of the Wari's claims to fame is that they were early brewers of a drink called chicha. The fermented beverage was made by the Inca after them and can still found in Peru today. Many variations of the drink have been common across Central and South America for centuriesNew evidence, recently published in the journal Sustainability, suggests  this beer relative
Tuesday, 30 April 2019
3 Feedburner Blogs A Familiar Fungus May Help Us Defeat a Deadly One
It seems like every few years there's a virus or bacterium that threatens human health in a new way. But a new fungus that is a threat to humans? That doesn't happen very often. That's why we in the medical mycology community ? the people who study dangerous fungi ? are so intrigued and concerned by news reports about a new, deadly fungus called Candida auris.C. auris is believed to have been first identified in 2009 in the ear canal of a patient in Japan, but has taken the medical commu
Wednesday, 24 April 2019
4 Feedburner Blogs Amber Preserves Rare Snapshot Of Coastal Life 99 Million Years Ago
Amber, being fossilized tree resin, usually preserves scenes from an ancient forest. The latest stunning find from Myanmar, however, is a souvenir from a day at the beach 99 million years ago, including the first ammonite, a marine animal, preserved in amber.The piece of amber is small ? about the size of a standard pair of dice, and less than a quarter of an ounce ? but it's jam-packed with animals that tell an intriguing story about its journey from tree trunk to fossil bed.The res
Monday, 13 May 2019
5 Feedburner Blogs Apollo 10, the Mission That Got So Close to Landing on the Moon
Apollo 10 doesn't get much attention. On the rare occasion people talk about the mission right before the first lunar landing, it's lumped into the ?pre-Apollo 11? category and dismissed as one of the stepping stones on the bridge to the Moon. But it was far more interesting than just a mission that preceded Apollo 11. My latest appearance on CBC Radio's Quirks & Quarks was all about Apollo 10, but first, a little background on the mission.In October of 1968, Apollo 7 flew the comman
Saturday, 11 May 2019
6 Feedburner Blogs Apollo-era Moon Quakes Hint That Moon is Still Active Today
A new analysis of Apollo-era quakes on the moon reveal that our satellite is probably still tectonically active. Detectors laid down by Apollo astronauts half a century ago revealed small shakes on the moon, but their causes weren't well understood. Meteor strikes, like those that caused the moon's most distinctive features, still rain down today, so astronomers couldn't be sure whether the moon was shaking itself, or being shaken by external forces.Now, new research has tracked the epic
Tuesday, 14 May 2019
7 Feedburner Blogs Apollo-era Moonquakes Hint That Moon is Still Active Today
New analysis of Apollo-era quakes on the moon reveal that the moon is probably still tectonically active. Detectors laid down by Apollo astronauts revealed small shakes on the moon, but their causes weren't well understood. And meteor strikes like those that caused the moon's most distinctive features still rain down today, meaning astronomers couldn't be sure whether the moon was shaking itself, or being shaken by external forces.The new research tracked the epicenters of each small moo
Tuesday, 14 May 2019
8 Feedburner Blogs Beyond Harmful Gas: The Future of Refrigeration May Rely on 'Plastic Crystals'
(Inside Science) -- Refrigeration has been around for about 100 years, but hasn't changed much in that time. A time traveller from the early 1900s would still recognize the big box full of chilled food in your kitchen. But soon, researchers say, new materials could replace refrigeration as we know it, making it more adaptable, efficient and environmentally friendly.Standard fridges work using a process called vapor compression. A compressor increases the pressure on a gas, which raises i
Friday, 17 May 2019
9 Feedburner Blogs Bezos Unveils Bold Plans for Human Spaceflight, Plus a 'Blue Moon' Lander
On Thursday, Blue Origin founder and Amazon owner Jeff Bezos unveiled the Blue Moon lander, a spacecraft that can deliver up to 6.5 tons of cargo ? and possibly crew ? to the lunar surface. The announcement was made at a news conference in Washington, D.C. Along with Blue Moon, he revealed his new BE-7 rocket for the lander, which he says has been in development for three years. If all goes according to plan, the company will test fire the rocket for the first time this summer. Together, Bez
Friday, 10 May 2019
10 Feedburner Blogs China's Lunar Rover Finds Ancient Rocks in Moon's Biggest Crater
Since January, China's Chang'e-4 mission ? an orbiter and a rover ? has been exploring the far side of the moon, particularly the prized South Pole-Aitken Basin, an asteroid impact crater that stretches across nearly a quarter of the moon's surface. It's the biggest crater on the moon, as well as the deepest and the oldest. That's long left scientists suspecting that Aitken may hold vital clues as to how the moon ? and many other solar system bodies ? evolved.Now, the Chang'e-4 mission's
Wednesday, 15 May 2019
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