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PHP-Nuke services
PHP-Nuke installation complete installation on your server[hosting account](we will upload all php-nuke files and we will create required database tables).
PHP-Nuke upgrades we will upgrade your php-nuke to any version needed.
PHP-Nuke modifications complete adjustment of your php-nuke to suit better your needs.
PHP-Nuke search engines optimization
New PHP-Nuke modules/addons created per client specifications
PHP-Nuke modules/addons modification per client specifications
New PHP-Nuke blocks customized per client request
PHP-Nuke blocks adjustment per client request
New phpnuke themes/templates created per client specifications
PHP-Nuke themes/templates complete customization to fit to your needs
Multiheadlines Module v2.1 for PHP-Nuke

This is a module that allows you and your users to read RSS/RDF/ATOM news[or feeds] directly on your site. It also allows to generate the feeds from your site contents to be syndicated to others. Basically, RSS / RDF / ATOM news [you might call "News on short"] is given by a title, a link and a short description that came only through RSS chanel or ATOM entry from a RSS/RDF/ATOM URL [you may see it below].
The feeds are retained on your database for a faster loading of you website but this module have a prune system that can empty your DB[ feeds] at a given number of days or when feeds reaches a certain number(You might, as well, to never empty the database).
As administrator you have a lot of options for this addon like: General settings, Feeds URLs Management, Categories Management, Multiheadlines Blocks Management, Database Operations, News refreshing at once, Various infos and Statistics about feeds, My Feeds. Every section have numerous settings and options. Throught these option you can set how your feeds will look onto your site, you can get some informations for a better usage of this module and how the generated feeds are formated[type, content].

As a user you can read the feeds, search by specific keywords in these feeds or even submit an interesting feeds URL [RSS/RDF/ATOM]. The feeds are organized on categories so you can browse specific categories.

This module comes also with three blocks: one called Multiheadlines-central that can be used only as central block[you can see it here on this site at the bottom of the page], one that allows you to search in these feeds, one with feeds categories. You can can also create two more block types [scrollable and marquee type] in unlimited amount[on the right side].

The great thing about this module is the fact that you have always fresh news on your site without doing something [news gathering it's done automatically].
Reminder Module v2.0 for PHP-Nuke

With this addon, your users from your site can send automated e-mails at selected dates, messages named reminders. These reminders can be sent to a specified e-mail adress or to it's own adress used at registration and have a remind purpose [birthdates, deadlines, bills paying,...etc].
Also you can set repetitive reminders[daily, weekly, monthly and yearly-the latest mainly for birthdates] too, not only regular[unique] reminders.
As administrator you can limit the number of reminders of users to avoid spamming and you can edit a header and a footer of the message that will be sent.
As user you can add, edit or delete personal reminders.
It's a small utillity very helpfull for people with a very busy daily schedule. You will forget nothing from now on, with this module installed.
It comes with an installer so installation process is very easy.
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1 Feedburner Blogs 'Technical Glitch' Doomed Israeli Beresheet Lander in its Final Moments
Israel's Beresheet spacecraft, which was set to land on the moon yesterday, suffered an engine and communications failure, causing it to crash into the lunar surface. Details are still emerging about what exactly went wrong.SpaceIL and the Israeli Aerospace Agency (IAI), who built and operated Beresheet, have released a few specifics about the spacecraft's last moments. The trouble began when the lander was just 8.7 miles above the lunar surface, and was caused by a vague "technical glit
Friday, 12 April 2019
2 Feedburner Blogs A Beautiful Look at a Hostile Planet
One of the great challenges in searching for life on other planets is that we still have so much to learn about life on our own Earth. Amazingly, that is true not only at the micro level of biochemistry and genetic codes, but at the macro level as well. You would think that there would be little left to learn about elephants, bears, penguins, and jaguars--the creatures sometimes lumped together by jaded zoologists as "charismatic megafauna"--but you would be wrong.The new series "Hostile
Tuesday, 09 April 2019
3 FeedBurner Technology A Better Solar Panel Through Buckets of Water, Rocks
Rare is the tech story whose main development is decidedly low-tech ? but not impossible. Rather than a fancy atomic clock or rat cyborgs, for instance, this tech story deals with buckets of rocks and water. Well, solar panels too, but that's not the cool new part.Today, at a meeting of the American Physical Society, Colgate University physicist Beth Parks described a new way to wring even more energy from a solar panel ? a major development for people with no access to reliable power, s
Wednesday, 06 March 2019
4 FeedBurner Technology A Judge Asks: Is Forensic Science Really Science?
(Inside Science) -- According to Senior U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff, at the Southern District of New York, "Forensic science continues to be routinely admitted by the courts, both state and federal, even though considerable doubts have now been raised as to whether forensic science really is science at all, and whether it is reliable and valid.?As part of the National Commission on Forensic Science, Rakoff contributed to a 2016 report noting some serious flaws in the way the justice s
Tuesday, 26 February 2019
5 FeedBurner Technology A New Green Revolution: Scientists Are Using CRISPR to Re-domesticate Fruits and Vegetables
Gene editing can potentially cram millennia of agricultural progress into the blink of an eye.
Monday, 15 April 2019
6 FeedBurner Technology A New Way to See Magnetic Fields
Using neutrons, materials scientists develop a method that goes below the surface.
Monday, 11 February 2019
7 Feedburner Blogs A Quarter of Japanese People in Their 20s and 30s Are Virgins, Study Finds
Nearly a quarter of Japanese people under age 39 are virgins, according to a new analysis by a team of researchers at the University of Tokyo.The findings, published in BMC Public Health, show that Japanese young adults are having less sex today than their counterparts were decades ago. Both men and women are having their first sexual encounters later in life, and many are entering their 30s as virgins.While Japan's increasingly sexless generation may seem shocking, people in other w
Thursday, 11 April 2019
8 FeedBurner Technology Analysis of 4 Million Pitches Reveals Umps Really Do Suck at Calling Strikes
Baseball is back, and fans can anticipate another season of amazing catches, overpowering pitching, tape-measure home runs ? and, yes, controversial calls that lead to blow-ups between umpires and players.Home plate umpires are at the heart of baseball; every single pitch can require a judgment call. Yet ask any fan or player, and they'll tell you that many of these calls are incorrect ? errors that can affect strategy, statistics and even game outcomes.Just how many mistakes are mad
Tuesday, 09 April 2019
9 FeedBurner Technology Antarctica's Aging McMurdo Station is Getting a Major Overhaul
After more than 60 years, McMurdo Station, Antarctica's main research center, is set to begin its first major infrastructure update. In February, the National Science Foundation got the green light to start construction on the so-called Antarctica Infrastructure Modernization for Science, or AIMS, project.As first reported by Antarctic Sun, the continent's NSF-funded newspaper, the project will consolidate the sprawling research station's some 100 buildings into just six primary structur
Friday, 15 March 2019
10 Feedburner Blogs Ariana Grande's PTSD Brain Scan
The brain became a celebrity this week when Ariana Grande shared the results of a scan of her brain seemingly showing signs of severe PTSD:Is there any science behind this?Not really.The source of the scan isn't clear but I'm 99% sure that the image was taken at one of Dr Daniel Amen's controversial clinics. Amen uses similar graphics in his brain scans. If it is an Amen scan, then the 'blobs' seen on Grande's brain represent areas of increased or decreased cerebral blood flow (C
Saturday, 13 April 2019
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