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PHP-Nuke services
PHP-Nuke installation complete installation on your server[hosting account](we will upload all php-nuke files and we will create required database tables).
PHP-Nuke upgrades we will upgrade your php-nuke to any version needed.
PHP-Nuke modifications complete adjustment of your php-nuke to suit better your needs.
PHP-Nuke search engines optimization
New PHP-Nuke modules/addons created per client specifications
PHP-Nuke modules/addons modification per client specifications
New PHP-Nuke blocks customized per client request
PHP-Nuke blocks adjustment per client request
New phpnuke themes/templates created per client specifications
PHP-Nuke themes/templates complete customization to fit to your needs
Multiheadlines Module v2.1 for PHP-Nuke

This is a module that allows you and your users to read RSS/RDF/ATOM news[or feeds] directly on your site. It also allows to generate the feeds from your site contents to be syndicated to others. Basically, RSS / RDF / ATOM news [you might call "News on short"] is given by a title, a link and a short description that came only through RSS chanel or ATOM entry from a RSS/RDF/ATOM URL [you may see it below].
The feeds are retained on your database for a faster loading of you website but this module have a prune system that can empty your DB[ feeds] at a given number of days or when feeds reaches a certain number(You might, as well, to never empty the database).
As administrator you have a lot of options for this addon like: General settings, Feeds URLs Management, Categories Management, Multiheadlines Blocks Management, Database Operations, News refreshing at once, Various infos and Statistics about feeds, My Feeds. Every section have numerous settings and options. Throught these option you can set how your feeds will look onto your site, you can get some informations for a better usage of this module and how the generated feeds are formated[type, content].

As a user you can read the feeds, search by specific keywords in these feeds or even submit an interesting feeds URL [RSS/RDF/ATOM]. The feeds are organized on categories so you can browse specific categories.

This module comes also with three blocks: one called Multiheadlines-central that can be used only as central block[you can see it here on this site at the bottom of the page], one that allows you to search in these feeds, one with feeds categories. You can can also create two more block types [scrollable and marquee type] in unlimited amount[on the right side].

The great thing about this module is the fact that you have always fresh news on your site without doing something [news gathering it's done automatically].
Reminder Module v2.0 for PHP-Nuke

With this addon, your users from your site can send automated e-mails at selected dates, messages named reminders. These reminders can be sent to a specified e-mail adress or to it's own adress used at registration and have a remind purpose [birthdates, deadlines, bills paying,...etc].
Also you can set repetitive reminders[daily, weekly, monthly and yearly-the latest mainly for birthdates] too, not only regular[unique] reminders.
As administrator you can limit the number of reminders of users to avoid spamming and you can edit a header and a footer of the message that will be sent.
As user you can add, edit or delete personal reminders.
It's a small utillity very helpfull for people with a very busy daily schedule. You will forget nothing from now on, with this module installed.
It comes with an installer so installation process is very easy.
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1 Feedburner Blogs
Saturday, 14 April 2018
2 Feedburner Blogs 100 Years Later: The Lessons of Encephalitis Lethargica
In 1917, at the height of the Great War, a new and mysterious disease emerged into the world, before vanishing a few years later. Although it was to prove less destructive than the 1918 influenza pandemic which occured at around the same time, the new outbreak had a persistent legacy: some of the victims of the disease remained disabled decades later.The new syndrome was first reported by Constantin von Economo, a neurologist in Vienna. He dubbed the disease 'encephalitis lethargica', after
Sunday, 15 April 2018
3 FeedBurner Technology 20 Things You Didn't Know About ... Diamonds
Though it may not be forever, this mineral is the hardest we know of, manifests as rain inside some gas planets and, in Renaissance folklore, was considered an amulet to ward off madness.
Friday, 16 March 2018
4 Feedburner Blogs A new citizen science project for dog lovers. MuttMix: Can You Guess That Mutt?
Our first question upon hearing that someone has a new baby is usually "Is it a boy or a girl?" But our first question upon hearing that someone has gotten a new puppy is more often "What breed is it?" Breed is at the heart of how we perceive dogs. It affects many of our expectations of them - energy level, intelligence, friendliness - for better or for worse. With mutts, however, our urge to make breed-based assumptions can be stymied by the lack of a known breed to which to attach those assump
Tuesday, 17 April 2018
5 Feedburner Blogs A shark-shaped, climate-shifting blob of warm water ? as wide as the Pacific Ocean ? is rising from the depths
The 'shark' will soon gobble up La Niña's cool surface waters. What might this mean for the climate later this year?It's not every day that you see an animated graphic like the one above hosted on the website of an ordinarily staid U.S. government agency.And yes, that is indeed an illustration comparing a complex Earth system phenomenon to, well, a shark.The comparison comes from the fabulous folks at the ENSO Blog, published under the aegis of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
1d 5h
6 Feedburner Blogs Advertisers, Beware the Trendsetter
Science isn't all about curing cancer and traveling to black holes. The big questions are important, but the scientific method is also useful for figuring out the best way to approach, and even solve, specific problems.Sometimes those specific issues involve engineering the perfect material for the job, or finding out which paint absorbs radar waves the best. Sometimes it's about making better ads.As you can imagine, a lot of money rides on knowing the answers, so it's a very big dea
Friday, 06 April 2018
7 Feedburner Blogs Ambae in Vanuatu Releases Biggest Sulfur Pulse on Earth in 3 Years
Last fall, Ambae (aka Aoba) made headlines after almost 13,000 people had to be evacuated due to the increasingly violent eruptions from the volcano in Vanuatu. The activity subsided after a few weeks and people were able to return to their homes. Since November of last year, the volcano settled down, producing minor steam-and-ash plumes from the summit caldera lake, Lake Voui.However, starting in mid-March, the volcano has become more restless again. Ash from eruptions (see below) have
Monday, 09 April 2018
8 Feedburner Blogs At the Bottom of the Ocean, a Surprising, Gloomy Discovery
Almost two miles below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, on a lonely outcrop of bare rock 100 miles from Costa Rica, researchers on a geological expedition found something odd. As their remotely controlled submersible sunk through the black waters toward the seafloor, they saw a collection of purple lumps dotting the rocky bottom.As they got closer, they resolved themselves into something resembling a bowling ball with suckers. It was a group of female octopuses, of the genus Muusoctopus
1d 13h
9 FeedBurner Technology Award-Winning Drone Photos Balance Beauty, Tragedy
Explore the winning drone photos from the DJI Drone Photography Award, including images of Spain's abandoned houses and more.
Thursday, 05 April 2018
10 Feedburner Blogs Bad Science of the Havana Embassy "Sonic Attack"
In late 2016, staff at the US embassy in Havana, Cuba, began to report hearing unusual sounds. Over the coming months, some staff were struck down by hearing loss and concussion-like symptoms. The strange sounds were interpreted as the cause, perhaps even reflecting a sonic weapon of an unknown nature.The story of the 'Havana embassy attack' has been told in detail but, until recently, there were no scientific studies of the event or its aftermath.That changed on February 15th, w
Saturday, 07 April 2018
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