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General Settings

General SettingsFeed URL ManagementCategory/sub-category ManagementMultiheadlines Block ManagementRefresh FeedsDatabase OperationsStats & InfosMy FeedsPHP Nuke Admin
General SettingsFeed URL ManagementCategory/sub-category ManagementMultiheadlines Block ManagementRefresh FeedsDatabase OperationsStats & InfosMy FeedsPHP Nuke Admin

Administration panel of Multiheadlines have a lot of options grouped in 8 sections as follow:

  • Number of news on home page - this is the number of feeds that will be showed on first page of module.
  • Number of columns on home page (must divide the above number exactlly) - The feeds from first page of the module can be placed in many columns. If you decide that you want to show the feeds in more than one column be carefuly and select here a number that divide the Number of news on home page exactly. This is absolutely required.
  • Feeds showed when clicking on Last feeds link on homepage - self explanatory.
  • Feeds order in home page - Here you can select the order of feeds in the first page of the module. You have three option: the usual Latest feeds first, by Title or by Site.
  • Number of feeds when browsing category pages - Here you can set the number of feeds to be showned when users will browse the Multiheadlines categories.
  • Feeds order in category pages - same as Feeds order in home page.
  • Enter the title for homepage - The customized title for first page of module.
  • Feeds in homepage from category - self explanatory.
  • Numbering [indexing] feeds - You can decide to show or not a number[index] before every feed [except the case when the modules is not in Full view, then the index will not be showed].
  • Show logos of sites - You can chose to show or not the logos of each site from where you are collecting the feeds before every feeds. I recommend to leave this option to Yes [goes to copyright and fairness].
  • Time format - Here you can chose the time format for feeds.
  • Show update time - if you don't want to show the updated,published,...time you can change it from here.
  • Full view - means that each feed will have a title, a direct link to the original article and a short description, content or summary that camed through the RSS/RDF/ATOM channel or entry. Some sites don't give any summary so instead of description/summary you'll have "N/A".
  • Colect feeds - if this option is set the feeds will be collected for unlimited period of time. Database will get bigger rapidly day by day.
  • Number of news on home page.
  • Prune settings (prune system works only if Colect feeds option is NOT checked) - self explanatory.
  • Allow anonymous to submit feed URLs - self explanatory.
  • Show stats on - all statististicks regarding the feeds will be done on this amount of time[days].
  • Number of page links - You can chose how many page links [P1, P2, P3,...] will be showed at the bottom of every page in Multheadlines module.
  • Method to get the feeds - Here you can choose the method to get the remote feeds. If regullar phpnuke headlines blocks works you may use fsockopen, otherwise try the others, depending on your server configuration.
  • Timeout - You can set here the timeout period. Works only on cURL or fsockopen methods.
  • Multiheadlines turned on - If this option is set to No Multiheadlines will be still active but there will be no more feeds refreshment or collecting. Use this option with Colect feeds checked in order to deactivate the prune system, otherwise the feeds will the deleted at a certain point[leaving though in database the amount specified in prune settings].

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Multiheadlines explained

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