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Multiheadlines Block Management

General SettingsFeed URL ManagementCategory/sub-category ManagementMultiheadlines Block ManagementRefresh FeedsDatabase OperationsStats & InfosMy FeedsPHP Nuke Admin
General SettingsFeed URL ManagementCategory/sub-category ManagementMultiheadlines Block ManagementRefresh FeedsDatabase OperationsStats & InfosMy FeedsPHP Nuke Admin

Here you can create, edit, delete Multiheadlines Center Block and Scrool/Marquee Multiheadlines blocks Multiheadlines Center Block From the Create link you can make a new Multiheadlines center block. Following the next steps will end up deleting the old Multiheadlines center block if is already defined one and making a new one. So if you have some interesting feed urls in the old block, maybe you should copy/paste somewhere[into a text editor] to use them later. Multiheadlines block is a center block. The content of it is, mainly, a table. Each cell is filled with feeds coming from different sites. You may consider every row of this table a category[e.g. Sport, Financial, Science, etc]. The first step of creating this kind of block is choosing how many rows ond columns do you want it to have in it and the refresh time for this block. This block works pretty much as the regular headlines blocks from php-nuke, the entired content of it is cached locally in a database table. After passing a certain period of time [refresh time] the content it is refreshed and so on. Knowing this you shouldn't select many rows and columns cause when the refreshing time comes the system will make reading requests to all of sites [feeds urls] from where the feeds are coming from. If you have saying 3 columns and 2 lines this means 3x2 = 6 sites. These reading requests to remote sites can last long, depending to the connection of your site to the remote site. Also don't choose short refresh time for this block for the same reason. On the second step of creating this block you must:

  • Enter here the name of the block - This will be also the name of the block[in PHP-Nuke Block administration too].
  • Then you must enter the necessary infos in order to be able to create the Multiheadlines Center Block meaning :
  • Feed urls - the feed url is the url were the feeds will came from
  • Site title - the title of site is the head of each column[custom title] which will be showed in the table/block.
  • Site url - the url of site is the url were you'll be redirected if you'll click on custom title of each column [with "http://" before, this is important!!!]
After you entered all the necessary infos hiting the Save button will save the new configuration for Multiheadlines center block [deleting the old one if there is one]. The only thing you have left to do[required] is to go to your home page in order refresh the content of this block. [You don't have to create this block again from Blocks administration section]. From the Edit link you can edit the configuration of Multiheadlines center block if there is one meaning you can change the:
  • Block Title
  • Refresh time [seconds]
  • Category names
  • Feed URLs
  • Custom title of sites
  • URL of sites
After changing everything to fit your needs you must go on your site homepage to refresh the content of this block.
From the Preview link you can actually the preview of the content of this block [obviouslly if there is set one].

Multiheadlines Scroll/Marquee Blocks
From the Create link you can create unlimited number of such kind of blocks. There is the following options.
  • Title of the block - is the custom title of the block.
  • Type - Here you can choose the scroll or marquee type.
  • Speed [only for marquee type] - the speed of scrollong of the block content.
  • Feeds from category - Here you can choose the feeds category from where the block will get the content.
  • Number of feeds - number of feeds within this block, taken in a descendant time order.
  • Show logos in block - self explanatory.
  • Show description in blocks - self explanatory.
  • Position - the position of block in your site [left, right, center].
  • Active - status of the block[active, inactive].
After entering the necessary infos hitting the Create button will actually create the block. Before clicking the Create button there isn't yet associated a physical file with this block. In order to actually create this file [in /blocks folder on your php-nuke site] the system must have the rights to write into this folder. So before creating these kind of block[s], CHMOD to 775 or 777 to folder /blocks. After creating the blocks you should change back to previous acces rights of this folder. The newly created files [of these blocks have names such as: block-Multiheadlines-1.php, block-Multiheadlines-2.php, ...on /blocks folder]. From the Preview link you can preview the content of Multiheadlines scroll or marquee blocks.

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Multiheadlines explained

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