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PHP-Nuke services
PHP-Nuke installation complete installation on your server[hosting account](we will upload all php-nuke files and we will create required database tables).
PHP-Nuke upgrades we will upgrade your php-nuke to any version needed.
PHP-Nuke modifications complete adjustment of your php-nuke to suit better your needs.
PHP-Nuke search engines optimization
New PHP-Nuke modules/addons created per client specifications
PHP-Nuke modules/addons modification per client specifications
New PHP-Nuke blocks customized per client request
PHP-Nuke blocks adjustment per client request
New phpnuke themes/templates created per client specifications
PHP-Nuke themes/templates complete customization to fit to your needs
Multiheadlines Module v2.1 for PHP-Nuke

This is a module that allows you and your users to read RSS/RDF/ATOM news[or feeds] directly on your site. It also allows to generate the feeds from your site contents to be syndicated to others. Basically, RSS / RDF / ATOM news [you might call "News on short"] is given by a title, a link and a short description that came only through RSS chanel or ATOM entry from a RSS/RDF/ATOM URL [you may see it below].
The feeds are retained on your database for a faster loading of you website but this module have a prune system that can empty your DB[ feeds] at a given number of days or when feeds reaches a certain number(You might, as well, to never empty the database).
As administrator you have a lot of options for this addon like: General settings, Feeds URLs Management, Categories Management, Multiheadlines Blocks Management, Database Operations, News refreshing at once, Various infos and Statistics about feeds, My Feeds. Every section have numerous settings and options. Throught these option you can set how your feeds will look onto your site, you can get some informations for a better usage of this module and how the generated feeds are formated[type, content].

As a user you can read the feeds, search by specific keywords in these feeds or even submit an interesting feeds URL [RSS/RDF/ATOM]. The feeds are organized on categories so you can browse specific categories.

This module comes also with three blocks: one called Multiheadlines-central that can be used only as central block[you can see it here on this site at the bottom of the page], one that allows you to search in these feeds, one with feeds categories. You can can also create two more block types [scrollable and marquee type] in unlimited amount[on the right side].

The great thing about this module is the fact that you have always fresh news on your site without doing something [news gathering it's done automatically].
Reminder Module v2.0 for PHP-Nuke

With this addon, your users from your site can send automated e-mails at selected dates, messages named reminders. These reminders can be sent to a specified e-mail adress or to it's own adress used at registration and have a remind purpose [birthdates, deadlines, bills paying,...etc].
Also you can set repetitive reminders[daily, weekly, monthly and yearly-the latest mainly for birthdates] too, not only regular[unique] reminders.
As administrator you can limit the number of reminders of users to avoid spamming and you can edit a header and a footer of the message that will be sent.
As user you can add, edit or delete personal reminders.
It's a small utillity very helpfull for people with a very busy daily schedule. You will forget nothing from now on, with this module installed.
It comes with an installer so installation process is very easy.
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1 Feedburner Blogs "Why Is The Sun So Hot?" Is a Real Question Scientists Still Have
The fact that the sun is hot should not be news to a single person. The sun's surface is about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which seems toasty enough. But surrounding the sun is an atmosphere of sorts called the corona. This envelope of superheated gas -- plasma, actually -- measures more than 3 million degrees. And scientists are still trying to figure out how this outer layer is so much hotter than what lies beneath it.The part that confuses scientists is quite simple: Since the sun's he
Friday, 02 November 2018
2 Feedburner Blogs 'Ghost' Dwarf Galaxy Found Hiding at the Edge of the Milky Way
An international team of astronomers can't fully explain the ?ghost? galaxy that they discovered about 130,000 light-years from the edge of the Milky Way.Finding a GhostThis galaxy, named Antlia 2 (or Ant 2), is described as a ?ghost? because of how strangely dim it is. Ant 2 is rather large for a dwarf galaxy - it's about the same size as the 7,000 light-year-wide Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), which is the Milky Way's largest satellite galaxy. Yet it's 10,000 times fainter than the
2d 13h
3 FeedBurner Technology 20 Things You Didn't Know About ... Lasers
They've won a lot of Nobels, helped detect lost cities and chronicled the drift of the moon.
Wednesday, 17 October 2018
4 FeedBurner Technology @52CitScientists
The idea for the @52CitScientists account sprang from a conversation between Mar Dixon and Darlene Cavalier. Soon after, they enlisted Zsófi Szendrei to grow the account and make it a success. You can find @52CitScientists on Twitter and Instagram.Mar Dixon is a self-described ?troublemaker for sectors who need a kick up the bum.? SciStarter has a unique connection with her, because Mar Dixon is sister to Darlene Cavalier, SciStarter's founder!When SciStarter interviewed her, she was
Sunday, 30 September 2018
5 Feedburner Blogs A 'Dark Matter Hurricane' is Storming Past Earth. It Could Help Scientists Detect the Strange Substance
There's a "dark matter hurricane" blowing through our corner of the Milky Way galaxy. Right this second, it's passing over Earth. And this fast-moving stream could reveal major details about dark matter, a new study finds.The dark matter is traveling in what is known as the S1 stream. Scientists think that streams like this one are the cosmic debris leftover when small galaxies stray too close to the Milky Way. Our gravitational forces tear the smaller galaxy apart, leaving behind a trav
Tuesday, 13 November 2018
6 FeedBurner Technology A Grocery List in 1968 Changed Computer History Forever
A version of this article originally appeared on The Conversation.On a crisp California afternoon in early December 1968, a square-jawed, mild-mannered Stanford researcher named Douglas Engelbart took the stage at San Francisco's Civic Auditorium and proceeded to blow everyone's mind about what computers could do. Sitting down at a keyboard, this computer-age Clark Kent calmly showed a rapt audience of computer engineers how the devices they built could be utterly different kinds of mach
Tuesday, 25 September 2018
7 Feedburner Blogs A Peek at the Real Neil Armstrong
?First Man? gave us a look at a side of Neil Armstrong we don't see too often, focusing on the family side of his life over the science element, but even that only gave us a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes home and family life of the notoriously stoic first man on the Moon. Now, the brand new Armstrong-Engel Family Gallery has published personal, never-before-seen images of Neil and his family beginning in 1955 during his Edwards days gong all the way to 1969 and the Moon landing.The galler
2d 16h
8 Feedburner Blogs Alien Space Rock 'Oumuamua Just Keeps Getting Weirder
On October 19, 2017, astronomers first saw an object from another solar system traveling through our own. Zipping into our solar system from above, the interloper, now known as 1I/2017 U1 ('Oumuamua), swung around the Sun and shot away again, never to return once it leaves our neck of the woods for interstellar space once more.What have we learned about this mysterious visitor?'Oumuamua's PathAstronomers were able to record data on 'Oumuamua (which means ?scout? or ?messenger? i
Friday, 09 November 2018
9 Feedburner Blogs Amazon Villagers Bring Giant Turtle Species Back From The Brink
A group of community members living in the Brazilian Amazon have created biodiversity hotspots by working to protect a single species, the giant South American river turtle. That's according to a new study out Tuesday. The finding showcases the power of local conservation efforts, particularly in places that lack financial resources, the researchers say.?Our research highlights the valuable conservation service currently provided by local communities, not just for turtles but for the wid
2d 15h
10 Feedburner Blogs America's Pomegranates Are a Bore. One Researcher is Using His Grandfather's Fruit to Change That
There's a lot more to pomegranates than their reputation in the U.S. would suggest. The fruits are known for their bittersweet juice, hard seeds, and their exploding-puzzle-box configuration that can leave kitchens looking like crime scenes.Around the world, pomegranates take on many different forms. They can be sweeter, softer, or come in different flavors and colors: pink, yellow, or even white, instead of the U.S.-standard red.Ask someone from Iran, India, Turkmenistan or Spain w
Friday, 26 October 2018
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