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PHP-Nuke services
PHP-Nuke installation complete installation on your server[hosting account](we will upload all php-nuke files and we will create required database tables).
PHP-Nuke upgrades we will upgrade your php-nuke to any version needed.
PHP-Nuke modifications complete adjustment of your php-nuke to suit better your needs.
PHP-Nuke search engines optimization
New PHP-Nuke modules/addons created per client specifications
PHP-Nuke modules/addons modification per client specifications
New PHP-Nuke blocks customized per client request
PHP-Nuke blocks adjustment per client request
New phpnuke themes/templates created per client specifications
PHP-Nuke themes/templates complete customization to fit to your needs
Multiheadlines Module v2.1 for PHP-Nuke

This is a module that allows you and your users to read RSS/RDF/ATOM news[or feeds] directly on your site. It also allows to generate the feeds from your site contents to be syndicated to others. Basically, RSS / RDF / ATOM news [you might call "News on short"] is given by a title, a link and a short description that came only through RSS chanel or ATOM entry from a RSS/RDF/ATOM URL [you may see it below].
The feeds are retained on your database for a faster loading of you website but this module have a prune system that can empty your DB[ feeds] at a given number of days or when feeds reaches a certain number(You might, as well, to never empty the database).
As administrator you have a lot of options for this addon like: General settings, Feeds URLs Management, Categories Management, Multiheadlines Blocks Management, Database Operations, News refreshing at once, Various infos and Statistics about feeds, My Feeds. Every section have numerous settings and options. Throught these option you can set how your feeds will look onto your site, you can get some informations for a better usage of this module and how the generated feeds are formated[type, content].

As a user you can read the feeds, search by specific keywords in these feeds or even submit an interesting feeds URL [RSS/RDF/ATOM]. The feeds are organized on categories so you can browse specific categories.

This module comes also with three blocks: one called Multiheadlines-central that can be used only as central block[you can see it here on this site at the bottom of the page], one that allows you to search in these feeds, one with feeds categories. You can can also create two more block types [scrollable and marquee type] in unlimited amount[on the right side].

The great thing about this module is the fact that you have always fresh news on your site without doing something [news gathering it's done automatically].
Reminder Module v2.0 for PHP-Nuke

With this addon, your users from your site can send automated e-mails at selected dates, messages named reminders. These reminders can be sent to a specified e-mail adress or to it's own adress used at registration and have a remind purpose [birthdates, deadlines, bills paying,...etc].
Also you can set repetitive reminders[daily, weekly, monthly and yearly-the latest mainly for birthdates] too, not only regular[unique] reminders.
As administrator you can limit the number of reminders of users to avoid spamming and you can edit a header and a footer of the message that will be sent.
As user you can add, edit or delete personal reminders.
It's a small utillity very helpfull for people with a very busy daily schedule. You will forget nothing from now on, with this module installed.
It comes with an installer so installation process is very easy.
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2d 13h
2 Feedburner Blogs A Chink in the Brain Armor: the NFL, Concussion and Omega-3s
On Twitter, I was pointed to the strange story of Brain Armor®, a nutritional supplement which is supposed to promote brain health.While there are many supplements that are sold for the same purpose, Brain Armor has a unique claim to fame: it is the official brain health supplement of Pro Football Legends (PFL), the "commercial marketing arm of the NFL Alumni."Brain Armor's links to the NFL Alumni raised eyebrows on Twitter because the NFL has famously been the target of legal ac
Tuesday, 18 September 2018
3 Feedburner Blogs A Simple Blood Test Could Tell You the Time Inside Your Body
In life, timing is everything.Your body's internal clock ? the circadian rhythm ? regulates an enormous variety of processes: when you sleep and wake, when you're hungry, when you're most productive. Given its palpable effect on so much of our lives, it's not surprising that it has an enormous impact on our health as well. Researchers have linked circadian health to the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and neurodegeneration. It's also known that the timing of meals and medicines
Wednesday, 12 September 2018
4 Feedburner Blogs After 1,000 Years, Astronomers Still Unlocking Secrets of the Crab Nebula
In late spring in the year 1054, a strange light appeared in the sky in what we would now call the constellation Taurus the Bull. It was a new star, where no star had been before. It grew quickly brighter, until by July it outshone everything except the moon. Over the next two years it faded away, becoming a star of normal brightness and eventually disappearing again entirely.Astronomers in China and Japan recorded its arrival, and other observers around the world surely noticed it as we
Wednesday, 19 September 2018
5 Feedburner Blogs All Water Is Connected: Citizen Scientists Monitor Virginia Water Quality
The Virginia Beach Blue Water Task Force works all twelve months of the year.When we visit the beach, water quality is the last thing most of us want to worry about. Virginia Beach receives more than 15 million tourists each year, and both the state Department of Health and a local branch of the Surfrider Foundation are checking water quality to make sure visiting beachgoers and locals alike are safe. Surfrider is a nonprofit that works to protect oceans and beaches, and its Blue Wat
Thursday, 20 September 2018
6 Feedburner Blogs Ancient Pets Got Proper Burials
As a kid, when my pet turtle died we had a funeral ? of course ? and buried him in the backyard. When the family dog passed, his remains were cremated and placed in an urn on the mantle. In today's society, mortuary rites for animals are so common, Yelp has reviews of pet cemeteries (5 stars for Animal Aftercare. 4.5 for Pet Haven).While online ratings are new, concern for the animal afterlife is not a modern fad.?People were doing this thousands and thousands of years ago? it's a lo
Monday, 17 September 2018
7 Feedburner Blogs Employees Trust Each Other More in Competitive Workplaces
Firms in competitive industries are often seen as cutthroat and intense places to work. But while the work might be intense, the employees tend to trust and cooperate with each other, according to a study published Wednesday in Science Advances. The high stakes appear to bring about group cohesiveness, which might have deep evolutionary roots.The Canadian and American researchers examined several workplace surveys for America, such as the US Census of Firms and the North American Industr
Thursday, 20 September 2018
8 Feedburner Blogs Feasting off unusually warm sea surface waters, Hurricane Florence has exploded in strength
National Hurricane Center: "Unfortunately, the models were right"When I woke up this morning, Hurricane Florence was a Category 1 storm with maximum sustained winds a little above 100 miles per hour. As the storm has moved over very warm waters during the day, it has exploded in intensity to a Category 4 storm with max winds of 140 miles per hour.As the National Hurricane Center put it this afternoon:Unfortunately, the models were right. Florence has rapidly intensified into an extre
Tuesday, 11 September 2018
9 Feedburner Blogs For the First Time, A Praying Mantis Has Been Caught Fishing
There's nowhere you can hide from the praying mantis. The ferocious insects are known to feast on a veritable buffet of living creatures, including everything from butterflies and newts to snakes, mice and hummingbirds. And now, just when you thought it was safe to live in the water, we can add fish to the mantid menu.Three researchers report the first-ever observation of a fishing mantis, spotted in a small artificial pond in India. Over the course of five days, the giant Asian mantis c
Thursday, 20 September 2018
10 Feedburner Blogs Gambling Monkeys Shed Light on Risky Behavior
Researchers have identified a key brain area associated with high-risk behavior, thanks to two monkeys they trained to gamble.Before the rhesus monkeys could start gambling, they had to learn the researchers' system of cues. Squares of different colors signaled how big the payout ? a drink of water or juice ? would be.?They know which (color) gives which amount,? says Veit Stuphorn, associate professor of psychological and brain sciences at Johns Hopkins University. ?In the wild, th
Thursday, 20 September 2018
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