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1 NASA Map of Wildfire Damage Helps California Recovery Effort
NASA is using information from Earth-observing satellites to assist in recovery efforts following a series of devastating wildfires in northern California.
23h 7min 18sec ago
2 New Hubble Gallery Reveals Glittering Messier Objects
Ninety-three shining Messier objects have been imaged by the Hubble Space Telescope and are now compiled into a gallery that shows their glittering, shining shapes in stunning detail.
23h 14min 17sec ago
3 'Soonish' Predicts World-Changing Tech: Author Q&A
"Soonish" offers a tantalizing glimpse of emerging technologies, and predicts where they could take us next.
23h 40min 18sec ago
4 Elon Musk Offers More Technical Details on SpaceX's BFR Mars Rocket System
SpaceX Chief Executive Elon Musk disclosed additional technical details about his proposed BFR launch system Oct. 14, although he offered no additional information about the costs and financing of the vehicle.
23h 45min 17sec ago
5 Cassini's Final Days Produced a Burst of Fresh Science
It will take decades to sift through the reams of data from Cassini's 13-year Saturn mission, but NASA researchers have just revealed some new insights.
23h 51min 18sec ago
6 Google Doodle Honors the Nobel-Winning Astrophysicist 'Chandra'
Subramanyan Chandrasekhar, the namesake of NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory, is honored today (Oct. 19) in a Google Doodle. Chandrasekhar did revolutionary work on the life and death of stars.
1d 26min 17sec ago
7 Space Science Could Get Private-Funding Boost
There has been a surge in private resources dedicated to creating new commercial capabilities and initiating the next wave of space exploration ? though not yet for discovery-driven scientific missions.
1d 1h
8 Why You Shouldn't Expect to See 'Blade Runner' Replicants Anytime Soon
Why don't we have intelligent robots that seem human, like the replicants in "Blade Runner"?
1d 1h
9 Best Space Books and Sci-Fi: A Reading List's editors present a reading list for space and sci-fi lovers, as well as children who are interested in astronomy and spaceflight.
1d 2h
10 Best Spaceflight and Space History Books
Here are writers' and editors' picks for spaceflight and space history books that dazzle.
1d 3h
11 Best Space Books for Kids
Feed and inspire a kid's thirst for space with these book picks by's writers and editors.
18h 18min 17sec ago
12 Orionid Meteor Shower 2017: When, Where & How to See It This Weekend
Some of the brightest and swiftest shooting stars will bedazzle the night sky this year during the Orionid meteor shower, which will peak between Oct. 20 and 22 and continue through early November.
19h 30min 18sec ago
13 S.S. Gene Cernan: Space Station Resupply Ship Named for Last Man on the Moon
The last human to step off the moon is the latest astronaut to be memorialized with the naming of a space station-bound cargo ship.
20h 54min 18sec ago
14 Newfound Bus-Size Asteroid Will Zoom Safely By Earth Today
The newfound asteroid 2017 TD6 will give Earth a close shave on Oct. 19, 2017, when the object flies by Earth at an estimated 119,000 miles away.
21h 16min 18sec ago
15 Space Gardening May Treat Astronauts' Blues
Many people step into their home gardens for a bit of DIY therapy. A new study suggests that astronauts could also reap the psychological benefits of gardening.
21h 19min 17sec ago
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