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21 FeedBurner Technology Drones Defy Commands During Light Show, Still Break Record
Drones have flown over blowholes and detected heartbeats from the sky. They're also good entertainers.Ehang, Chinese drone manufacturer known for its autonomous flying taxi, flew 1,374 drones over the Xi'an City Wall. The company reclaimed the Guinness World Record for the ?most number of unmanned aerial vehicles airborne simultaneously.?The drones danced into 16 formations, including the Xi'an City Wall, the Silk Road and the number 1374. But the performance wasn't perfect. While th
Thursday, 03 May 2018
22 Feedburner Blogs Earliest Pneumonia Case Older Than Dinosaurs
Researchers have found evidence of pneumonia and a tuberculosis-like infection in a marine reptile, similar to the nothosaur shown here, that lived 245 million years ago. (Credit: Nobu Tamura/Wikimedia Commons)One of the oldest diseases to haunt our species ? the lung infection known as pneumonia ? is actually a lot older. Evidence of pneumonia, and possible tuberculosis, has turned up in a marine reptile that's 245 million years old.Researchers analyzed a fragmentary specimen of ?Pron
Wednesday, 06 June 2018
23 Feedburner Blogs Earliest Rainforest Frogs Preserved in Amber
Frogs in a rainforest? Sure, rainforests are home to tons of them. Nothing new there ? except that researchers just found four, preserved in amber and nearly 100 million years old, that suggest frogs have been hanging out in that environment much longer than previously shown.Anura, the amphibian order that includes frogs and toads, has been around for at least 200 million years. But the frog fossil record is spotty, and the earliest examples of the animals appear to have lived in bodie
Thursday, 14 June 2018
24 Feedburner Blogs El Niño is gestating in the Pacific, possibly heralding warmer global temps and extreme weather in 2019
While 2019 is still a long way off, we've now got some strong hints that the coming year could bring even warmer global temperatures, plus droughts in some regions, and floods in others.These climatic and weather effects would come from an El Niño that seems to be gestating in the tropical Pacific.A warming of tropical Pacific waters beneath the surface, along with the output of computer and statistical modeling, have prompted the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to is
Saturday, 16 June 2018
25 Feedburner Blogs Every-day wonders: the edges of a giant Colorado thunderstorm cell, captured in photo mosaics
The summer monsoon season in Colorado is still probably weeks away, but we got a spectacular preview todayAs I was leaving Boulder, Colorado this afternoon, heading for home out on the plains at the foot of the Rockies, I looked up and was stopped short by a giant, glowing thunderstorm cell that was building fast, in all dimensions.I've long been enamored of Western skies. That's true in all seasons, each of which brings its own wonders. But there's something particularly special about
Wednesday, 23 May 2018
26 Feedburner Blogs Faster Rewards Mean More Motivation
It's just after lunch. You've got an assignment due soon, but you're sleepy and would rather mindlessly browse the internet. How will you find the motivation to get going and actually finish the thing? A new study suggests getting a reward for your work sooner rather than later can help boost your interest in and enjoyment of the task at hand.The paper, published in the June issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, consists of a series of experiments. They were all
Wednesday, 13 June 2018
27 Feedburner Blogs Flashback Friday: Bumblebees detect electric fields with their body hair.
We've already covered some of the amazing things that bees can do, from making perfectly hexagonal honeycombs to doing "the wave" to scare off predators. And it turns out they even have the power to detect electric fields! Although it was known that bees can detect electric fields around flowers, how they achieve this amazing feat was a mystery... until now! According to these scientists, bees are actually covered with small hairs that respond to electricity. Be sure to check out the video b
Friday, 15 June 2018
28 Feedburner Blogs Flashback Friday: Does wearing tighty whities kill your sperm count?
Boxers versus briefs: it's a personal question that might have big consequences for your future. That's because warming up your testicles can seriously screw up sperm development?so seriously, in fact, that polyester ball cozies have been shown to be an effective form of birth control. So if briefs are (literally) hotter than boxers, they may reduce your fertility. But before you go burn your briefs, check out the study below. These scientists actually tested the testicular temperatures of m
Friday, 08 June 2018
29 Feedburner Blogs Found: The Genes Behind Big Human Brains
With a new pair of studies on a handful of genes unique to the genus Homo, researchers took a big step toward solving one of the most important questions about our evolution ? why and how human brains got so big.Understanding why the Homo brain became significantly larger than the gray matter of any other primate has been a dominant question in the field ever since we first turned our big human brains toward the topic of evolution.In just the last week, separate teams of researcher
Thursday, 31 May 2018
30 Feedburner Blogs Fresh Made Pasta
Guest post by Steven DuPaste, the Latin Late antiquity translation for the word Pasta. [3] Eating spaghetti and meatballs today typically involves boiling some dried spaghetti pasta and pouring on some pasta sauce from a jar. But have you ever wondered how to make these golden silky strands? To start off, we have to sail to China with Marco Polo and learn about the origins of Bing.Bing is Chinese for wheat products and dumplings. [3] W're starting off in China because that's actually
Tuesday, 05 June 2018
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