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31 Feedburner Blogs LISTEN: Scientists Have Turned A Martian Sunrise Into A Song
What does a martian sunrise sound like? Now you can find out, as researchers have ?sonified? (or turned into sound) an image of the Opportunity rover's 5,000th sunrise on Mars. The data have been used to create a unique, two-minute piece of music, titled ?Mars Soundscapes? ? check it out below: turn the photo into sound, researchers scanned across the image from left to right. They combined brightness and color from each individual pixel with
1d 18h
32 Feedburner Blogs Lost Research Notes Clear Up Racial Bias Debate in Old Skull Size Study
Samuel Morton collected and studied hundreds of human skulls in the early 19th century. By objectively measuring differences in brain size between people from various societies, Morton believed he had used science to prove that white people were intellectually superior to other races.Modern science has long since shown that brain size isn't necessarily related to intelligence. Many researchers suspect brain size is instead tied to things like climate and body size, while intelligence ma
Wednesday, 31 October 2018
33 Feedburner Blogs Massive Impact Crater Beneath Greenland Could Explain Ice Age Climate Swing
Most of Earth's surface has been plotted, mapped and measured. And along the way, scientists have turned up a plethora of craters big and small. But there was always one major crater missing.12,800 years ago, during the Pleistocene, Earth was warming up from its last Ice Age. Temperatures slowly rose while glaciers retreated, that is, until something major happened that triggered a cold snap big enough to leave its mark on the geologic record. Over the course of just decades ? the blink
1d 16h
34 Feedburner Blogs Maybe Next Time: Barnard's Star B is Likely Uninhabitable
Put on your friendliest face and say hello to the newest member of our planetary neighborhood: Barnard's star b.An international team led by researchers from the Carnegie Institution for Science announced today that they've detected an exoplanet orbiting Barnard's star, the closest single star to Earth at just six light-years away. The astronomers calculate the newfound world, dubbed Barnard's star b, to be about 3.2 times the mass of Earth and to orbit its host star once every 233 days.
1d 17h
35 FeedBurner Technology Meet the Biochemist Engineering Proteins From Scratch
Biochemist David Baker changed the study of proteins — now he's changing the proteins.
Tuesday, 30 October 2018
36 Feedburner Blogs Meet The Scientists Connecting Lab-Grown "Mini Brains" to Robots
Alysson Muotri and his team have been toiling away in the lab for the last year and a half or so, obsessing over bland-looking, pea-sized lumps of cells. Despite their unassuming appearance, lumps like these have taken neuroscience by storm. They're lab-grown ?brains.? Scientists call them brain organoids, and they offer rudimentary 3-D models of the brain's cortex ? the outer layer where complex functions like memory, language, and likely self-awareness, play out ? created in petri dishes f
Friday, 02 November 2018
37 FeedBurner Technology Mining Cryptocurrency Uses More Energy Than Actual Mining For Metals
Mining cryptocurrency uses more energy than conventional mining of copper or platinum and at least as much as mining gold finds new research published today in the journal Nature Sustainability. The digital currencies aren't helping climate change either, as they produce millions of tons of CO2 emissions. Market trends for the virtual currency are on the rise suggesting energy requirements for cryptocurrencies will only continue to increase, researchers say.Cryptocurrencies are digital a
Tuesday, 06 November 2018
38 Feedburner Blogs More Confusing Science of the Embassy "Sonic Attack"
Earlier this year, I posted on how Sergio Della Salla, the editor of Cortex, criticized a headline-grabbing JAMA paper that had reported neuropsychological abnormalities in US embassy staff exposed to the mysterious Havana 'sonic attack'. According to Della Salla, the evidence presented didn't suggest enduring cognitive deficits in the victims.Now, Della Salla is back (along with co-authors) for round two with a new paper, called Cognitive symptoms in US government personnel in Cuba: The
Saturday, 03 November 2018
39 Feedburner Blogs Nemi Ships: How Caligula's Floating Pleasure Palaces Were Found and Lost Again
For centuries, the medieval fishermen who sailed in the placid waters of Lake Nemi, 19 miles south of Rome, knew a secret. It was said that the rotting timbers of a gigantic ancient shipwreck lurked below the water's quiet surface. But the lake was tiny, with an area of only 0.6 square miles. And with no other body of water connected to it, what could a vessel of that size be doing there? Still, the stories about the gigantic ship persisted.They couldn't have known then, but at the botto
Wednesday, 07 November 2018
40 Feedburner Blogs New Air-Conditioner Absorbs Solar Energy and Blasts Radiation Into Space
As people search for solutions to the climate change crisis on Earth, scientists are working to create renewable energy sources as alternatives to fossil fuels. Now, scientists at Stanford University hope to offer a new solution as they are developing a single device that collects solar energy and shoots radiation out into space - acting as both a heater and air conditioner.Collecting the sun's energy via solar power has been a leading alternative energy source for many years. But this n
Saturday, 10 November 2018
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